Faithful to its UCI philosophy “Useful, Close, Involved”, Sofideec Baker Tilly training organisation designs and runs training programs tailored to the needs of companies and players of the Social & Solidarity Economy.The quality of our training programs is based on our expertise in different areas, our experienced facilitators and our teaching materials which include practical cases.

Our offer for the Non-Profit sector

We provide training and seminars tailored to the needs of associations, trade unions and professional organisations, endowment funds, entities appealing to public generosity (AGP) and works councils:
For example:

  • Better manage your association
  • Master the tax rules of association
  • Budget preparation and monitoring for an association
  • Basic notions of social law
  • Understand the accounting specificities of AGP structures
  • Know how to develop a CER (Employment Resources Account)
  • Understand how an endowment fund works
  • Financial analysis of health facilities and ESMS
  •  …

Our offer for companies

We offer seminars and training sessions tailored to the needs of your company for management, accounting and taxation:
For example:    

  • Master the fundamentals of basic accounting
  • Design and implement analytical accounting
  • Understand company accounts
  • Business taxation initiation and improvement
  • Understand the basic principles of tax consolidation
  • Consolidation of accounts: initiation and improvement
  • Mastering IFRS standards
  • Mastering rules of payslip preparation
  • Understand the basics of social legislation

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