Advisory expertise

Sofideec Baker Tilly provides professional support to help your business in a fast paced, competitive and complex environment.

Advisory expertise: our range of services

We have developed methodologies and specified tools based on our extensive expertise and missions in the following areas:

Project guidance

  • Company advice: vision, economic model, legal and tax considerations
  • Business plan – guidance / improvement of financial data
  • Funding research

Business performance and guidance

  • Organisational and financial diagnosis
  • Operating costs audit
  • Design and development of management solutions
  • Customer management and cash optimisation
  • Guidance tools

Risk management

  • Accounting and financial processes audit
  • Information system audit
  • Specified investigation
  • Operational and financial risks matrix
  • Outsourced Internal audit function
  • Employee training

Research & Innovation

  • Young Innovative Enterprise status
  • Research Tax Credit, Innovation Tax Credit research
  • Access to public financial aids (grants, advance, equity)
  • Private investors research

Human Resources Strategy

  • Recruitment
  • Evaluation and integration processes
  • “Social-HR” tools
  • Specific guidance
  • E-solutions – collaboration and connection

Information systems and management solutions

  • Information systems and circuit security
  • Information system optimisation


Advisory expertise: our strengths

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